I'd like to have option for completely free stuff on the WWW.

As per today's (2010-Se29) AFP news, the founder of WWW, Tim Berners-Lee warns that Inernet is
more and more prone to  become "blight", which I understand as "blocked" or "restrictee", it is meaybe time to think about deviding it in two.

One may remain completely free as it was at the time  Tim Berners-Lee invented it, let's name it WWW and the other may be named WW, to indicate restrictions and can be either for restricted content only or both, restricted plus unrestricted.

The crucial option is WWW, i.e. completely unrestricted web (WWW), so that no country can prevent access to it, except by legal action relatid to terrorism and organized crime.

As Tim Berners-Lee discusses:

If a (French or any) family can be forcibly disconnected from the Internet by law for a year because one of their children downloaded something that some company asserts that they should not have downloaded, ....

- OK, let them be disconnected from restricted Web (WW), but never from unrestricted (WWW)

In another example is a company that says: "You may download this song, but you must delete it after three days"

- It's quit OK for would be restricted WW, but never for unrestricted WWW.