Wireless Media Hard Drive

wireless media hard drive
    wireless media
  • The tools used to transmit and receive electromagnetic signals using methods such as infrared line of sight, high-frequency radio, and microwave systems.
    hard drive
  • A high-capacity, self-contained storage device containing a read-write mechanism plus one or more hard disks, inside a sealed unit. Also called hard disk drive
  • disk drive: computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it
  • A hard disk drive (hard disk, hard drive, HDD) is a non-volatile storage device for digital data. It features one or more rotating rigid platters on a motor-driven spindle within a metal case. Data is encoded magnetically by read/write heads that float on a cushion of air above the platters.
  • Hard Drive is the debut album from York rock band The Sorry Kisses, which was released on April 28, 2008. The album has been created as an outlet for Hayley Hutchinson's louder songs, which contrast with her usual acoustic style.

Mac mini Media Center
Mac mini Media Center
Westinghouse LVM-37W3 LCD Video Monitor - 37", 1080p Sanus System VM1B VisionMount LCD Wall Mount Apple Mac mini - 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo, 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM, 60GB HD - CoverFlow RC1.2, iTunes, Last.fm, GasLight, Front Row, VLC, Handbrake NewerTech miniStack v2 - 500GB HD - Music, Photos, Movies NewerTech miniStack v2 - 120GB HD - Backup Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Griffin PowerMate Apple iSight Sherwood RVD-6090R AV Receiver Technics SL-1200M3D Quartz Direct Drive Turntable Infinity Reference 2000.6 Speakers Infinity BU-2 Subwoofer The Westy is connected to the mini via DVI at a native resolution of 1920x1080--no overscan whatsoever. The picture is terrific, 1080p content is breathtaking. The wall mount is pretty flush, just a couple inches, and strong as it was set into brick. The mini is connected to the receiver via mini TOSLINK. The hard drives are quiet. The remote works well through that tinted glass. The PowerMate provides fast, intuitive scrubbing through CoverFlow (1381 albums) and videos (both QuickTime and VLC). The iSight clings magnetically to the back of the display when not in use--when a call comes in we just move it to the top of the display where it also attaches magnetically. It's microphone still works well back there--voice calls and room recordings sound good. The receiver's tape-out runs back into the mini so we can rip vinyl. The 1200 uses a Stanton Discmaster.
Wireless Media
Wireless Media
Gentleman sits on a red chair in the promenade at Time Square connected to wireless service through his computer and receives endless information and visual media that in now available through his computer at this location and others throughout the world. Time Square, NY,NY, USA

wireless media hard drive
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