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Wireless Company In Canada

wireless company in canada
    in canada
  • French name: Revolution tranquille a period during the 1960s in Quebec, marked by secularization, educational reforms, and rising support for separation from the rest of Canada
  • In Canada, both uses of the term delicatessen are found. First-generation immigrants from Europe often use the term in a manner consistent with its original German meaning.
  • transmission by radio waves
  • radio: medium for communication
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • be a companion to somebody
  • an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"
  • Associate with; keep company with
  • Accompany (someone)
  • small military unit; usually two or three platoons

Bristol Bolingbroke Mk IV W
Bristol Bolingbroke Mk IV W
The Bolingbroke was the Canadian-built version of Bristol Aircraft (Britain) Company's Blenheim Mk IV bomber. Bolingbrokes were manufactured by Fairchild Aircraft Ltd., Longueil, PQ. Canada built a total of 687 Bolingbrokes between 1939 and 1943. The RCAF first used the Bolingbroke in 1939. In total, eight maritime squadrons in Canada flew the "Boly" on anti-submarine patrols off the east and west coasts. The majority of the Bolingbrokes served as training aeroplanes at the BCATP's Bombing and Gunnery Schools and Wireless Schools. The CWH Bolingbroke Mk IV W is currently being restored from the remains of eight airframes donated from Western Canada. Most Bolingbrokes had Bristol Mercury engines; however, fifteen received Pratt and Whitney engines, which are signified by the "W". The CWH Mk IV W will be painted in the colours and markings of 119 (City of Hamilton) Tiger Squadron (Coastal Command).
UK Trade Mission to Canada Creates Valuable Business Opportunities
UK Trade Mission to Canada Creates Valuable Business Opportunities
The UK Department of Trade and Industry organized an excellent set of business development meetings in Vancouver. I was particularly impressed by the Wireless Innovation Partnership initiative and enjoyed meeting companies such as EQO and NowPublic. It was also useful to gain an insight into the variety of ways the DTI can help companies enter new markets all over the world. I will definitely make more use of them to help grow ShoZu as we continue on our international expansion (next Monday we will be announcing our US regional headquarters in San Francisco). - Taken at 4:24 PM on September 08, 2006; cameraphone upload by ShoZu

wireless company in canada
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