Just wireless antenna booster. How to set up a wireless adapter for xbox 360.

Just Wireless Antenna Booster

just wireless antenna booster
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Antennas on CTV Deseronto tower
Antennas on CTV Deseronto tower
Looking up at some of the many antennas on the top half of the CTV tower on Mount Carmel, between Belleville and Kingston. The charter tenant, CTV's CJOH-TV-6 (Ch. 6 Deseronto) uses the turnstile antenna on top, and Napanee's myFM (CKYM-FM 88.7) uses the four-bay antenna at the left-centre. So far (touch wood), no interference involving 88.7 or the channel 6 audio (87.7). Photo by Scott Arsenault.
Antennas in the sun in Annan
Antennas in the sun in Annan
My Vhf/Uhf vertical antenna, mounted on ladders to avoid planning, the buckling on the quad was caused by my rugby playing neighbour, who took away 3 sides of his concrete garden shed without fixing the remaining boundry wall which collapsed, and refuses to pay for the damage he caused!

just wireless antenna booster
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