Compact Cycling In the Twenty-First Century-End Of The Road

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Want Your Real Life (Not A Sorry Excuse Of An Online Pseudo Life) Back Just Like I Have Now?  
The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine Might Just Be The Way To Go For You:

******Although Actually I Did Do My Own Social Media Cleansing Manually One By One Single Website, Rather Than The Above Group Websites Together Suicide Machine Option, Myself Several Months Ago.********Either Way, Good Riddance!!!!!

Are you wondering about the meaning of this particular Freebie Image just above?  It's here for a very good purpose.  It's a wonderful symbol of where exactly my hard work and creativity has gone these past eight years or so right here on the World Wide Web and the Internet.  I'ts an representative image of a Black Hole.  You know, where everything nearby gets sucked in and nothing returns or comes back?  That's where I seem to be wasting my time, creativity, and gifts for all those years have disappeared into.  I chucked all my former Websites-including this one-and forums memberships online everywhere I can remember I'd signed up at.  I went from an all time high of constantly adding to my 3000+ postings to absolutely nothing right now since August 2013 anywhere else except finally and very briefly here.  


Well very simply put 0+0=0 or No Pay, No Work/Actual Tangible Products.  
********I am not creating/working for free anymore, no exceptions.************  
Pay me a fair compensation at a decent living wage level or Screw You,  I can't afford to work for empty promises,  being taken advantaged of, or having my ideas or thoughts/ideas being stolen and/or even misused by anyone, both corporate or individuals..  I have been so happy and productive since August.  I no longer feel drained or taken advantaged of anymore since I stop trying to be so nice and "helpful"  to other entities-actual people and corporate ones-that don't give a s**t about me.  And never will do so.

Postscript And Final Farewell:

Before I jettison this former rapidly dying Website Series of mine to it’s final resting place at the Internet graveyard on this particular Winter Solstice of 2013, I am going to state my one and only New Year Resolution for 2014.


It is simply this;  I am finally free of the Social Media Charade and working for free ever again. My only desire left is to simply continue on this limited Internet visits and usage path to only vital or unavoidable non-social media virtual places or topics I have been doing during these last few months from this point in time onward forever. I existed quite well and happy way before the Internet became popular for most people during the mid-1990s. I wish to now go back to as-little-use-as-possible and absolutely no dependence on it like my life was before it's intrusion. Therefore this Website series is now and forever Dead.

I have not posted or contributed to other people’s forums, Facebook, Twitter or the rest of that e-junk making a mint out of my own hard work since late August, 2013.  I have found a new joy from creating tangible useful real time products (your computer or other Internet connected device does not keep you warm and/or protected at night), complete liberation of all the headaches of employment without the built-in protections the selfsame employment once offered to it’s actual paid employees all without losing the convenience that the Internet and the World Wide Web does actually offer in some limited ways (but not be-all; end-all no choice in any matter) for it's users.  Plus most of all, losing forever the predictable text abuse from the same parties which dominate this particular “open” repetitive garbage "communication of this supposedly “social” media.  Along with no longer tending to energy draining not-paying-it's-own-way overly huge Websites series either.  

So, bye bye Social Media and no pay internships.

This will be the last freebie from me
Nothing more there ever will may be
A richer, more real, and truer Offline Life awaits
While all of you Online Fools could only dream of and anticipate

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