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This site is a hub for any and all information about Fall 2013's Software Engineering Lab "Question & Answer" Project.

"Q&A Project is a question, assignment, and quiz site to be used by Jack Snoeyink and other professors to correct or grade not only the students answers to questions but also the thoroughness and thoughtfulness with which they ask a question and the effectiveness of their reasoning."
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Q&A sites like StackOverflow support individuals asking questions, and others answering.  Good answers garner votes and rise to the top. These sites create learning communities by rewarding those that share and organize information with reputation points and badges. 
In a classroom setting, learning communities can be formed around assignments it a Q&A tool can be created that also supports a professor asking many similar questions, and students and teaching assistants providing, voting, and commenting on answers.  And by tracking interactions, credit can be given for activities that indicate learning outcomes have been achieved.

Ever had a problem that needed a fast answer? 
A class that required an easy to format question and answer template?
What about a way to monitor, moderate, and control all of those answers and questions.

Our team is joining forces with professor Jack Snoeyink and Kai Lieth to use the inspiration of Q&A websites such as Stack Overflow to create a website that any professor can use as a place to post questions, assign bonus problems, and conduct surveys.

With our website no question will go unanswered, no answer will go unnoticed, and no professor will have to answer to any moderator but themselves.

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