Kale and Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Kale and Mushroom Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


4 sweet potatoes

16 oz. mushrooms--sliced

1/2 lb kale

olive oil



cayenne pepper


2-3 tablespoons vegetable broth

Earth Balance

smoked olive oil (optional)


*Bake sweet potatoes in microwave until tender. Set aside until cool enough to handle.

*Drizzle ~2 tbs. of olive oil into sauté pan and heat over medium. Saute mushrooms until tender. Set aside.

*Wash and dry kale. Remove leaves from stems and discard stems (use in soup!). Roughly chop leaves. Heat ~2 tablespoons olive oil in medium sauce pan over medium. Add leaves, salt, pepper, dash nutmeg, and cayenne. Saute ~5-10 minutes. Add vegetable broth. Saute until broth is almost completely evaporated. Mix mushrooms and kale.

*Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Slice potatoes lengthwise and scoop out sweet potato flesh, leaving ¼ inch rim around the potato to create a “boat”. Stuff each sweet potato with kale/mushroom mixture. Mix sweet potato flesh with Earth Balance, salt, and pepper. Top each sweet potato half with a bit of the sweet potato flesh. Bake uncovered for ~15 minutes. Before serving, drizzle with smoked olive oil and sprinkle with fresh herbs. Enjoy!