Hazelnut-Crusted Sweet Chili Tofu


1 block extra-firm tofu (sliced and pressed)

1/4 cup flour

1/3 cup hazelnuts (finely chopped)

sweet red chili sauce

oil for frying (I used canola)


*Slice tofu into 1/4 inch slices. Place 2-3 paper towels on a plate. Add one layer of tofu slices. Add another layer of paper towels, and repeat until all tofu is layered between paper towels. Place a kitchen towel over the final layer of paper towels and place a heavy pot or pan on top of the kitchen towel. Press tofu for at least an hour, which will create a firmer, heartier texture for the final dish. (see also Guava-Jalapeno Tofu).

*Chop hazelnuts and combine with flour in shallow dish (for dredging). Brush both sides of tofu with sweet red chili sauce. Coat both sides of tofu slices with hazelnut-flour mixture.

*Heat oil over medium heat. Lay coated tofu in oil. Fry on one side until golden brown (approx. 3 minutes). ***Do not touch/play with the tofu, or the coating will come off, and oil will seep into the tofu, and you’ll have a not-so-appetizing mess. :D *** Once the first side is golden brown, flip and fry for another 2-3 minutes. Drain on paper towel (or use your preferred draining method) and serve with sweet chili sauce.