Teaching Physics with a Smartphone.


A lot of fun Experiments with the smartphone to engage classroom Creativity and learn Physics!

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Standard Didactis

 Experiment  Designed by
 Collaborators  App Status
 File or Video
Beats - Heisenberg Lorenzo Galante
Mic Visualizer
 First draft
Beats (doc)
Smart beats (video)

 Pipe Acoustics
Lorenzo Galante    Andro Spectro
work in progress

Centripetal acceleration

 Anna Maria Lombardi
   Physics Gizmo
work in progress
 Random Sequences
 Lorenzo Galante
  Rndwork in progressRandom (doc)

 Vibrations Lorenzo Galante  Vibrationswork in progressMass on a Spring (doc)


Lorenzo Galante Kingsoft Office
work in progress
 Astrophysics / Optics Lorenzo GalanteD. De Paoli, M. Lepore, F. Carella Lux Meter  Luminosity of a Star (doc)
 Pressure Anna Maria Lombardi  SyPressure, Smart measure  The light weight of the air (doc)
 Optics / Acoustics Lorenzo Galante
 De Paoli, Carella, Lepore, Appella Mic Visualizer

  Why the Sun is red on the horizon

Non Standard Didactics

 Experiment  Designed by
 Collaborators  Status
 PhyWiz  Lorenzo Galante    First draft
From Accelerometer to General Relativity (ITA) Anna Maria Lombardi III B LL, ITCS Primo Levi Bollate in progress
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