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Village Aide - Philippines


Kit arrives on truck,  helping unload,  house with family, This is the 3rd house provided by Como Jannali. The houses are of sustainable materials, some of about 150 houses supplied so far by Village Aide Rotary supporters. The 100 supplied before the earthquake all survived . This area was promised by authorities 1000 houses for destitute families and after 12 months none have been built. We have a waiting list of 40 very needy families many living under temporary shelter.
Elaine and Lyn


Went to Maribojoc with materials in another vehicle to deliver 5th house kit in Barangay Handig, Maribojoc, Bohol. As soon as we got to the municipal building my truck overheated, radiator has puncture. Baby called Loloy so her truck can tow my truth to shop. The truck with materials went to site with Ms Bebeth Somozo to the recipient area Mr & Mrs Melvin & Annabel Laporte with 2 children. We are okay. 
Dave and Baby


Delivered to Bonifacio Primary School @ Bonifacio, Bilar, Bohol (K to 4th Grade in 2 rooms).
Dave & Baby



Working in the Philippines areas of Bohol and Cebu for over 10 years, the program has been supported by Como Jannali Rotary during that time. The club has supported kit homes, filtered water, computers, pre-school feeding programs, medical missions and volunteers.

How you can help right now
We urgently need money for filters available on site, solar lights to airfreight, containers. We are no longer accepting goods as we were overwhelmed with items, sadly not all were suitable.

$150 Donation: will buy a water filter that will supply clean drinking water for 50 people for years to come!
$1200 Donation: from your group/club will supply a family home!

Rotary Australia Overseas Fund 
BSB 082-146 Account 796 951 388 
Reference VAP 137/2005

For tax deduction and receipts the name and address of the donor must be advised

Send cheques in $AUD to: PO Box 366 Corrimal NSW 2518

Earthquake and Typhoon
The 7.2 earthquake centered on Bohol destroyed many of the historic buildings from Spanish times as well as bridges, homes, shopping centres, even one of the Chocolate Hills, a major tourist attraction split in half. Rotary clubs provided immediate help with medical teams from nearby Cebu, provision of temporary shelter. Rotarians on the island, despite some having their own homes damaged provided immediate food assistance and the need for food and shelter for over 1000 families is still needed. The local electrical authority did a miraculous job restoring power to many areas within 48 hours only to have their whole electricity generating capacity wiped out by the storm. The island of Bohol, population close to 1.5 million who have no refrigeration, lights, limited communication, water pumping, not enough food or clean water. Without bridges, getting supplies to certain areas by vehicle is impossible. Illnesses are spreading which most effect young children, the elderly and those with reduced immune systems.

The typhoon which came to the same area so soon after is a humanitarian disaster, all in an area with limited resources. Many people did not evacuate as they did not have the means, and they had already survived a number of typhoons this year so felt they could do so again. Even the chickens and pigs, a source of non refrigerated food have been swept away. There are no chicken hatcheries to restock. Farms do not have the resources to quickly replant so the food supply will be assisted as soon as possible.

What we are doing
The club has purchased water filters @US$150 each, made by Village Aide in Bohol to supply to some of the badly hit areas where we have local transport to reach them straight away. Other clubs have supported with cash for solar lights, for container freight, a company has donated 16 pallets of new suitable clothing; we are referring requests for donations and goods to as many groups as possible.

Updated Information as at 11 Dec 2013

I think many of you may know of the meeting I had in Cebu on the day I left to return to Sydney. It was with a Rotarian Alma Rosillo Nathaniel. Alma was devastated having witnessed the death of her grandmother and 4 year old nephew. Her village was destroyed by the storm surge and many died.
Alma had come to Cebu to buy food for her starving family and friends. She cried continuously as she told her story and her despair she was feeling over what had happened. Alma told of the corruption that was seeing supplies going to political colleagues and the well to do.

I spoke to Alma today. She tells me things have improved and they are getting food delivered 3 times a week by various groups. They still do not have enough but are thankful they have a little food each day.

Many shops have not re opened yet so supplies have to be purchased from Cebu. This adds to costs. There is not much available in the way of building supplies so very little repair work has taken place although Alma says they are expecting a hardware store to open in about a week. There are many homeless people in and around Palo but as she says at least they are no longer starving. She is confident things will continue to improve slowly but says it will not be a Happy Christmas this year.

Robert Favelle

Updated Information as at 23 Nov 2013
There are still uncollected bodies, not enough clean water, food, medical supplies, shelter (it is the monsoon season so very wet) Families seeking food and water is not looting, just survival but there are now armed gangs stealing what they can. Many people are missing, there has been little attempt to help people on some of the outlying areas and islands which were also wiped out. International aid is centred on the area around Tacloban. Rotary has sent medical teams, food, water, tarpaulins, clothes, blankets. District 3860 has established a disaster committee in Cebu and we have a people from Village Aide there. We are in daily contact through Skype and emails. They are sending us list of most urgent supplies. Prices have skyrocketed and the last request we have is for rice which has nearly doubled in price, if you can get it. This impacts on the food supply to the whole community.

Thank you

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Elaine Lytle PDG
Como Jannali Rotary 
Chairman, Village Aide Program