Major Projects


Village Aide Project - Philippines

Supported by the Rotary Club of Como Jannali, the program provides medical, dental services, clean water filters, school repairs, school equipment vocational training and feeding programs to a number of villages in Bohol.

During the last visit, our Rotary Club member, Elaine Lytle assisted with the repair of a school building for installation of donated computers, a medical and dental program for over 800 people and looked at the local production of slow sand filters which have been so successful.


Clothing for Africa

If you are cleaning our your wardrobe, please donate second-hand children's and baby's clothing to us.  We are shipping clothing to shanty towns and children's homes in Knysna and Plettenbury Bay in South Africa.


Each year our club members co-ordinate the distribution and collection of BowelScan Kits from local pharmacies.  These low-cost kits enable a bowel cancer test sample to be taken and sent in for testing.  With ever increasing numbers of tests, the kits have saved many patients from this type of cancer by early detection.

BowelScan is a project of Australian Rotary Health. Learn more