Welcome to Commuter Booster's new website !

We plan to use this site as a one stop shop, to gather all the information you need about one of the lightest weight, powerful ebike kits that can transform your bike into the world of electric assist. Letting you flatten hills, reduce sweat, get to your destination quicker, and just generally put a great big grin on your face, whenever you go for a ride.

What is the Commuter Booster ?

The Commuter Booster is a light weight electric assist for your bike. It is designed to to be easily installed and removed in minutes without any modifications to your existing bike. The system performance can be tuned to your needs, from a long range modest 200w street legal assist, to a high powered 2000w performance rocket. All while keeping your bikes original feel, by virtue of the Commuter Boosters light weight, and total disengagement when not in use.