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The Flaming Chalice


History of the flaming cha+lice 

"Alice the Chalice" for young kids

A Cup of Light: All About the Flaming Chalice is a book for children, available for $5 

Our Tumbleweed Chalice (This chalice is unique to Community Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasco, Washington)

Making a family chalice

A plastic cup with a foot can easily be transformed into a chalice by young kids. Glue plastic jewels to the sides with tacky glue. Use a battery-powered tea light (regular candles will melt this chalice!). We found all these supplies at the Dollar Store.

A terra cotta flower pot can become a beautiful chalice. Buy a plain, unglazed 4" clay flower pot with a matching saucer. Turn the flower pot upside down, glue the saucer to the bottom (now the top) of the flower pot, and paint in any colors you like. Place a tea light or short pillar candle in the center of the saucer. The pots can be purchased at most home and garden centers. Acrylic paints work well. You can use markers too.