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Our initiative is:
Fallon Park Needs You!

The site of the opposition to our Fallon Park initiative is:

Neighbors that Care! 

We have set up a community forum for your comments and concerns. Please use this link to visit us there. 

Community SCALE Forum

Interest in our activities has been growing as other neighborhoods recognize the impact that Raleigh's rapid growth can have on the quality of life enjoyed by its long-term citizens. Lacking a strong voice, the individual residents of our core neighborhoods are discovering that there are not policies in place that will protect our community assets. We wish to provide that voice by encouraging participation in the civic process, providing up to date information, and issuing alerts when actions in the commission and council meetings can affect our property. By working together, we can have a voice in the future of our neighborhoods in our city.

Community SCALE:
Streets that connect people
under a Canopy of trees with
Architecture of different types and
Land preserved for a neighborhood
Everyone can enjoy
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