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National Trust for Historic Preservation-The Problem of Teardowns  

Battling Teardowns, Saving Neighborhoods An Address by Richard Moe, President, National Trust for Historic Preservation

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A vigorous debate about teardowns is occurring throughout the country. The impact of large new homes in older neighborhoods is being reported and debated in cities such as Atlanta and Dallas, and from Connecticut to California. Here are some samplings of information that is available online. 

Big Houses Are Not Green: America's McMansion Problem
Stan Cox, AlterNet | September 8, 2007. The recent mansion boom produced millions of energy-wasting homes with thousands of square feet that Americans don't need -- not the behavior of a society that's thinking about a sustainable future. NEW

Infill Issues in Atlanta
Mary Norwood, Atlanta city councilwoman, prepared this slideshow on infill issues in the historic Virginia Highlands area before the new infill regulations were added to the zoning code. Atlanta's new regulations can here found here. in Dallas
An online publication of the Dallas Citizens for Responsible Development, "a community group concerned with the razing and replacement of our neighborhood with oversized no-lot houses." Teardown of the Day
In Westport, Connecticut, the online news, Westport Now, features the teardown of the day. There is a also map where you can research the past and future homes that demolished for replacement by much larger homes.

The Real Estate Generation Gap
With baby boomers soon ready to retire and the state's population growth stagnating, who will be around to buy our houses when we're finally ready to sell? Experts predict a dangerous glut in real estate inventory is possible - but there is some hope.

Rising Up Against Teardowns
Norwalk, CT | Prompted by a series of teardowns --a two-story Colonial and a barn, replaced by three new homes; then, a 1903 house nearby, felled along with a number of trees -- preservation advocates mounted a door-to-door petition campaign last fall, collecting 1,300 signatures imploring local officials to help control overdevelopment in the hamlet.