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Established 2007 / Fallon Park Community  / Raleigh NC

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Historic Preservation Information: 

Historic Five Points-
National Parks Service

Raleigh City Museum- Architectural Survey 

National Trust for Historic Preservation-The Problem of Teardowns  

Battling Teardowns, Saving Neighborhoods An Address by Richard Moe, President, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Infill Issues in Atlanta
Mary Norwood, Atlanta city councilwoman, prepared this slideshow on infill issues in the historic Virginia Highlands area before the new infill regulations were added to the zoning code. Atlanta's new regulations can here found here.

Raleigh Planning Department releases Neighborhood Infill Study 

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Teardowns: In the Media

Links to Information:

This information is taken from the City of Raleigh website. Complete information can be found at these links:  

NCOD Process - Expedited 2008


Zoning and Rezoning

Rezoning Process 

Permitted Uses 

Comprehensive Plan 

Planning Department 

Neighborhood Plans 

Development Services Guide 

Development Services Guide to Rezoning 

Development Services Guide to Subdividing Property


Citizens Advisory Council (CAC)

Quoting the City of Raleigh website:

What are Citizens Advisory Councils?
In addition to serving in an advisory capacity to the Raleigh City Council on one of the City's boards, commissions or committees, citizens have another structured way to have input into the City's decision-making process through the Citizens Advisory Councils, or CACs as they are known.

There are 18 geographically located CACs, (View CAC Maps) which are responsible for reviewing issues of interest to their own community/neighborhood and expressing concerns to the City council.

The CACs are the only advisory bodies of the City Council whose membership is strictly voluntary.

Raleigh Citizens Advisory Councils  


The link to the Five Points CAC is:

Five Points Citizens Advisory Council 


Zoning maps can be researched at:

Wake County iMaps

City Council Information can be found here: 

Raleigh City Council 

City Council Members 


Planning Commission Information can be found here:

Raleigh Planning Commission  


State Historic Preservation Office:
A Comparison of The National Register of Historic Places with
Local Historic Landmark and District Designations

Raleigh Municipal Code Online
This is the link provided by the City of Raleigh to the online version of the Code. The table of contents will be in the left window, Zoning is in part 10. Use the arrows at the top of the window to browse selected sections.