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Community SCALE's mission is to preserve the character and integrity of
Raleigh's diverse neighborhoods.

Community SCALE will achieve its mission through leadership, education, advocacy, and the formation of creative partnerships to encourage development that, when it happens, respects the existing built environment, the natural environment, and the history of individual neighborhoods.

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Are you concerned about how new zoning codes will change your neighborhood?
You should be. The City of Raleigh is drafting new zoning codes and regulations.  This is an opportunity for you to be involved in getting appropriate rules and regulations in place.
The new Unified Development CODE (UDO) could impact you with:
  • out of character development
  • intrusion on your neighborhood by nearby institutions
  • noise and light pollution in your house
  • flooding
  • traffic and congestion
  • loss of urban forest
  • loss of space for parks
  • higher property taxes on small urban lot sizes
If you are interested in participating in an organized effort to review and
officially comment on the draft codes and regulations, please let us know.

In addition to the Raleigh Planning Department, an extensive effort at coordinating UDO information is available at

Document links are here:

Current status of the UDO:

Community SCALE's review of the UDO:

WakeUP Wake County's comments:


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Community SCALE of Raleigh

Raleigh's neighborhood-to-neighborhood connector, where residents keep informed of civic activities affecting their community, and neighborhoods share issues directly across the city.
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Together we do make a difference. 
  • The public release our Message Packet, where the growth issues facing Raleigh and possible solutions are explored in greater detail can be found here.

  • Action Alerts here

  • Public Statements page

  • Public Statement on Cameron Village and Stanhope Decisions here.


SCALE is working to help inform the citizens of Raleigh about the process for
developing the new code and regulations.  If you would like to contribute to
help us with the costs of printing and mailings, please click here to donate
through Paypal. You may donate via credit card or Paypal at this link. 

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SCALE Education Foundation is incorporated as a nonprofit and is in the process of obtaining for 501(c)(3) status so that donations will be tax-deductible to the full extent provided by IRS code. We hope to have this status later in 2011.