Community Recycling Center

Founded in December 2010, Community Recycling Center is a volunteer organization that provides free recycling to the residents of the Town of Castle Rock, Colorado and its surrounding communities.

Separate glass sorting starts November 18!
We now have a glass-only recycling bin at the center.  The glass collected in this bin will be recycled and used in bottles and containers in Colorado. This is completely voluntary. Patrons who do not wish to separate their glass can still recycle it in the single-stream containers along with the rest of their recyclables.


Every Saturday from 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

The center will close early if the collection bins fill up before noon. 

The center is open every week as scheduled unless posted in the banner above that it is closed. Please check the site regularly during inclement weather as the status may change with little notice if said weather forces an early closure. 


701 Prairie Hawk Drive, Castle Rock, CO 80109

We are at the southwest corner of Wolfensberger Road and Prairie Hawk Drive and share the parking lot with the Douglas County School District's West Support Center.

How to Recycle with Us:

Please review the list of items we accept and do not accept below carefully. We are open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. Please follow the signs and traffic cones, and stay in line. Four vehicles at a time may pull up into designated spaces to park and bring approved recyclables to the collection bins. There are regularly six collection bins open at a time--three sets of two bins each, with one bin for cardboard only and the other bin for all other approved recyclables (single stream). Volunteers will be present to assist you if needed and to ensure that the items going into the collecition bins are acceptable. 

If you are concerned about the lack of recycling options locally, call the Douglas County Commissioners office at 303-660-7401.

We Accept

Note:  All glass, foil, steel and tin containers must be rinsed; no food residue.

We Do Not Accept

Please volunteer with us.

We are a completely volunteer-run organization. Without volunteers, the Castle Rock Community Recycling Center would not exist. We look for volunteers to work only one 2-hour shift per month. Please consider joining us and send an email to communityrecyclingcenter@gmail.com.

Recycling Resources:

Note: This information changes without notice. Please contact site directly. There may be a fee to recycle some items and some items may not be recycleable.

TriCounty Health Department

Ecocycle (based in Boulder) recycling guide: http://ecocycle.org/a-zguide

Paint disposal (near Castle Rock):  http://www.greensheenpaint.com/paint-disposal-castlerock.php


Douglas County rural trash: http://www.douglas.co.us/land/rural-living/trash/

Douglas County recycling: http://www.douglas.co.us/recycling/

Douglas County Slash-Mulch: http://www.douglas.co.us/land/wildfire-mitigation/slash-mulch-program/

Appliances, scrap metal, aluminum windows, computers, brass, steel:  Appliance Pick up.  720-435-7552

Styrofoam: HomeForFoam.com

Hard2Reycle: https://www.sustainability-recycling.com/hard-to-recycle

Environmental Recycling Hotline:  800-253-2687 or visit earth911.com

Denver Recycles:  720-865-6900 or 720-913-1311 outside Denver

Resource Central for recycling and reusing various materials: https://resourcecentral.org/

Materials that can be recycled but we do not accept:

For recycling of other types of waste not discussed here, go to Waste Management's Colorado site.