Outreach Council

Welcome to the Outreach Council! Our group is comprised of approximately 15 individuals with strong marketing and public relations experience who are focused on working with community organizations to enhance Jewish identity and involvement throughout the Metropolitan Phoenix community.
Starting in the Fall 2010, we will meet monthly at the VOSJCC and invite you to join us the conversation. We are focused on developing a more enhanced dialogue between all the community organizations to build a more cohesive community that together can increase Jewish involvement.  Through identifying existing and missing outreach efforts, we hope to prioritize methods to engage more Jews locally and use our planning tools and the allocation of dollars to help Jewish community organizations implement effective ideas.

Mission Statement:

To foster the creation and perpetuity of Outreach programs and services in the Valley of the Sun in order to impact more disengaged Jews and incorporate them into the community.

Priority areas

Young Singles (post college)
East & West Valley
Empty Nesters
Young Families

Scope of responsibilities

To cast a wide net out to the surrounding area and discover what Outreach programs/services are currently occurring (and by whom)... Serve as a communications channel for the key JCA messages to community members and Jewish organizations, identify and reduce redundancies, optimize efficiencies across agencies, identify opportunities for Outreach services and prioritize programs that should receive JCA funds in order to affect and enhance Jewish identity within the community.

Marketing Team,
Nov 1, 2011, 10:51 AM