Israel and Overseas Council

The Israel and Overseas Council has met several times and understands the importance of the “people to people” projects that the TIPS Program brings to our community, and the important needs of the JDC funded programs for our Jewish Family throughout the world. In the coming months, we will be meeting to discuss and determine the complexion of our relationship to Israel and the worldwide community, and our responsibilities to the myriad of important programs we have funded in the past. We expect these discussions to center on whether we want to fund and focus on thematic areas (i.e., aged Jews in the Former Soviet Union, At-Risk Children in developing communities), or organization-funded programs (i.e., Joint Distribution Committee programs, Birthright). As the aforementioned needs are prioritized, the Council will determine the most effective way in which they will be assessed. In addition, we will also discuss how future evaluations shall be conducted. 

Mission Statement

To fund programs in which we can have a meaningful difference in the lives of Jews throughout the world and develop a connection between our communities.

Priority Areas

To fund disadvantaged communities in need and at risk youth while promoting and maintaining a connection between the Diaspora and Israel. This may also include  leadership development programs that could foster the potential for future leaders to serve their own  and worldwide communities for philanthropic and social welfare  purposes.

Scope of Responsibilities

To strategically plan and identify where the financial  resources of the greater Phoenix Jewish Community can best be donated to reflect our communities concerns for the world wide Jewish Community. The council will identify and prioritize needs based on input from our local community and worldwide organizations.  Following an assessment of the most urgent needs funding requests from qualified not for profits that have a fiscal agent and/or NGO in the US will be considered.

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