Social Services Council

Welcome to the Association's Council on Social Services.
The committee is currently composed of the following members:
We meet monthly at the Association.


To assess the current social service programs in the Phoenix metropolitan area; to develop an outline for what social services the community will need in the immediate and long-term future; to coordinate and assist service providers/organizations to establish and maintain needed programs.

Priority focus will be:

Issues of Community Health
Mental Health and Emotional Support services
Financial Assistance
Elderly Services
End of Life Issues Including Emotional Support for Clients, Patients and Families
Career Programming for the Jewish Community

Scope of responsibilities:

To evaluate and meet existing and emergent needs; Maximize the community benefit from JCA collected funds by identifying and then promoting the synergistic use of existing service providers to deliver needed programs; To seek out partnership opportunities between service providers/organizations and the JCA ; To develop a priority list for future programs based on need and feasibility.

Previous meetings and minutes:

  • May 2011—This meeting reported on the Senior Center.
  • January 2011—This meeting reviewed the survey responses and approved the top 10 areas to address.
  • December 2010The categories were ratified at this meeting and the survey was sent to the community.
  • November 2010—This meeting addressed the draft categories for the prioritization exercise.
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