2011 Allocations

Allocations from the 2011 Campaign will fund 67 programs and services identified as community priorities by the new planning and allocations process.

The New Process

Four councils - Education, Outreach, Social Services and Vulnerable Population, and Israel and Overseas - were formed over the past year to focus on identifying, prioritizing, addressing and funding community needs within each council's respective area.  These four councils are governed by the Community Planning Board (“CPB”).  Priority areas of focus were determined during the year by each Council.  In an effort to be a true “community” organization, the Federation/JCA has opened up the allocation process for the first time to all Jewish organizations (over 100) in the community rather than to 10 to 12 pre-approved designated agencies.

Upon receipt of detailed applications, each Council was provided an amount that they should allocate in full to their top priority programs with such slate to be approved by the CPB.  The unfunded programs were then ranked by each Council by priority.  The Councils then presented the unfunded programs to the CPB for the CPB to determine which should be funded with remaining allocable dollars based on Council input.
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Jan 27, 2012, 9:22 AM