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How can you help?

I am looking for 5 types of supporters:

1) editors and researchers that would like to contribute to the research itself (via a wiki), adding relevant links to, etc.

2) technical support meaning people that would help me set-up a wiki and integrate it with other web 2.0 tools, web programmers, etc.

3) marketers who would be willing to promote this research project, helping me reach global community, raise funding, etc.

4)companies that would be willing to support our research financially by sponsoring research related expenses, hosting, giving access to their data (like digg, Federated Media,, etc. in return for advertising

And last but not least...

5) MENTORS (academic professors, acclaimed professionals which would be willing to spend their time supervising the project. I strongly believe in a close cooperation between industry and the academia and I hope that my research can attract members of both environments, which will allow us address important questions that WILL MAKE AN IMPACT.

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