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Last year my PhD supervisor died.

I was left with a research idea and no money to continue my research or studies (read more in about me section). As I lost hope that I will ever be able to afford new PhD studies I decided to publish my research proposal and ask the community to contribute in moving it ahead.

The cornerstone of this research is a thesis that the Internet will evolve in a network of online, virtual communities in the future. These online communities will take, thank to technology, different forms (like discussion boards but also digg- or flickr-like applications or wikis and blogs) and will play the central role in online information customer behaviors. This change will, and there is evidence to that, profoundly impact the way Internet is understood today causing online marketers and media publishers to rethink their strategies and business models (full research proposal can be found here).

The goal is to write a PhD dissertation through online cooperation, using free, web 2.0 tools such as wikis, google spreadsheets, del.icio.us etc. as the dissertation will talk about web 2.0 and social networking.

Although, I will remain the author of the dissertation, all contributors will be mentioned, thanked and the dissertation will remain in public domain, freely available online.

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