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Parking In Newark

***Part are translated from UDCSSA guidebook

Parking in Newark might be expensive if you do not have any permission beside a parking meter. There are also some charged parking lots in places like Trabant center. University of Delaware provides student and faculty parking lots for cars, so you need a parking permit there. There are different kinds of parking permits at campus, and you must check UD’s website at: because they are changing each semester. Also, if you rent apartment in Newark, you can register a resident parking permit in lease office for free. (For apartment information, you may check Housing part.)


  • Even apartments require parking permit. Some apartment provide visitors’ parking permit. You might be filed without a parking permit for “guest parking” over night in some apartments.
  • UD campus will have some “reserved” parking lot and accessible parking lot. If you park your car on them, you will also get a ticket.
  •  Some reserved parking lots will be available for student parking after 5 PM. (Anyway, UD parking permit is compulsory all the time)