Community NeuroRehab provides individualized and intensive neurobehavioral rehabilitation services to optimize the cognitive, physical, medical, behavioral and psycho-social functioning of each participant. Community NeuroRehab is committed to the development of mutually reinforcing partnerships with participants and their support systems, and embraces our Guiding Principles.

Participants served by Community NeuroRehab have the opportunity to live, learn, work and recreate in the community of their choice.



  • People will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • CNR will provide opportunities for learning and growth.
  • The unique attributes and contributions of each person will be acknowledged, respected and utilized.
  • Participants will receive assistance in the development and maintenance of mutually reinforcing relationships.
  • CNR will provide a safe and therapeutic environment that encourages positive life experiences and self-discovery
  • CNR will assist participants in maximizing their ability to self-manage the secondary conditions of injury, to include behavioral manifestations.
  • CNR will support each participant in accessing preventative, routine, and necessary health care.
  • Participants and family members will receive assistance in accessing needed services and resources.
  • CNR will assist participants and family members in developing or enhancing self-advocacy skills; and as necessary, link to external advocacy services.
  • Each participant and their support system will be active members of the team and will work in cooperation to achieve established goals.
  • Each individualized program plan will be a collaborative process based on strengths, barriers and interests as established through a formalized assessment.