Community Based Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Service

For this service, only individuals who meet the established CNR admission criteria will be admitted. Prior to admission, as individuals wait for admission, changes may occur in physical or mental conditions that necessitate a revocation of approval for admission. 

Our program serves individuals, 18 years of age or older, who have a diagnosis of acquired brain injury in accordance with Iowa Code;
  • An evaluation assessment, physical examination and tuberculin test must be completed prior to admission;
  • A Community Based Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Services Order signed and completed by a physician enrolled in the Iowa Plan;
  • Applicants must be at risk of hospitalization, institutionalization (including out-of-state placement), incarceration, and/or homelessness, but not currently considered to be a danger to themselves or others; and,
  • Applicants must have a CNR approved funding source(s).
To make a referral and/or learn more about our service, please contact us at (515) 288-8222, fax us at (515) 440-9995, or e-mail to