Community NeuroRehab offers hope to people recovering from a brain injury and provides support to their families and friends.  We understand the changing needs of individuals at different stages in their recovery and have created a unique program, designed specifically for individuals experiencing a variety of difficulties as a result of a brain injury.  Offering an individualized and intensive, person-centered approach to brain injury rehabilitation, our goal is to assist each participant in achieving and sustaining their maximum level of independence, returning to a life of personal meaning where they live, learn, work and recreate in their chosen communities.

Our approach to treatment utilizes a comprehensive initial evaluation and ongoing re-evaluation throughout the rehabilitation process.  An individualized plan of care is developed by our treatment team, which is composed of interdisciplinary program staff and rehabilitation professionals, the participant and their family members.  We utilize effective interventions that enable individuals to build on their strengths in order to regain skills and functions that were lost due to their injury.  Progress is measured and changes are made to the individualized plan of care to maximize recovery.
Community NeuroRehab offers a wide range of services designed to achieve participant goals, by addressing specific cognitive, physical, behavioral, and psychosocial needs.  Our programs are designed to assist each person to achieve their maximum potential and regain a life of independence, dignity and self-respect.
If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome the challenges created by a brain injury, contact us--we can help!  There is hope for a better life after a brain injury.

Thomas W. Brown, BS, CBIST

Chief Executive Officer

Community NeuroRehab