Facilities offered by the department, special clinics, procedures, operations etc.


Outdoor facilities are available at :

ü       Urban Health Center,  Alambagh

ü       Primary Health Center, Sarojini Nagar

ü       Experimental Teaching Health Sub-Center(ETHSC) Mati
   and Banthra

Community based Comprehensive Medical Care

to selected group of families at UHC Alambagh, RHTC Sarojini Nagar, ETHSC Mati and Banthra through mobile clinics as a part of intern training programme.


Indoor facilities are available at :

ü       Primary Health Center   Sarojini Nagar .

ü       ETHSC Mati

ü       ETHSC Banthara


Speciality clinics in Ophthalmology/Obst. & Gynaecology are available at PHC Sarojini Nagar.


Immunization Clinic at Queen Mary Hospital, K.G. Medical University,  Lucknow.  


Mobile Health Clinics to selected remote villages of Sarojini Nagar The department altogether has three mobile clinics under scheme of Reorientation of Medical Education and involvement of Medical Colleges in community health.


Others Portable Ultrasound machine and other equipments are available in the department.  These machines are being used in community based medical care and research programmes. v