Community health care and wellness and disease prevention must occur at all levels of care.  This includes nurses working specifically in community or public health settings, acute care, emergency care, pediatrics, academics, etc.   For example, nurses working in hospitals must appreciate all the factors involved in the care needed after discharge to effectively initiate strategies that the patient can utilize at home as well as the hospital.   Since discharge planning begins at admission, nurses working in acute care are exposed to many areas other than what’s immediately needed for that acute incidence that deal with home care as well.  Such as social workers, case managers, home health care, primary care physicians, and family.  Everyone working in health care must appreciate the interconnectedness of each discipline and learn to work together for the good of the population. 

Nurses have the potential to make an enormous difference in health care by becoming involved.  Be proactive; take part in professional nurses associations and determine how politics affects your profession.  Understanding and appreciating all the factors that affect health care will make you a better nurse.   Practice the strategies on understanding yourself and other people’s choices to gain better perspective; find creative ways to empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health.   There are many ways that nurses can participate in community health and wellness and make a difference. 

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