Are you bothered about where your food comes from, who produced it and how many days and miles it traveled to reach your plate? Could you consider switching to more locally grown produce? Or are you worried that if you go for a weekly box of local veggies you’ll end up with weird and wonderful looking things that you have no idea how to cook and eat?
Community Harvest Whetstone – our local community food project – is currently offering an opportunity for people to try fresh, healthy and seasonal vegetables on a trial basis.
We’re offering 4 weeks for £25: you’ll get to collect a standard box of vegetables from the farm every week for 4 weeks at a total cost of £25 instead of our usual cost of £37.
If you like what you get then you’ll have the opportunity to join our cooperative and continue collecting a weekly share of the harvest. Before you join we’ll send you an invitation to come along and see what we do on the land.
To give it a go simply email us at with your name, address and telephone number. We will call you back to answer any questions and arrange payment and collection details.
For all the latest harvest info, recipe ideas and latest news check out our twitter and facebook feeds on the right; and for the harvest record for a full year and photos of our community days click on the following links:
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Would you like fresh local food, but can't grow your own?

Started in 2009 by Transition Leicester, Community Harvest Whetstone is a sustainable vegetable co-operative based in South Leicestershire. We grow our own delicious vegetables in an environmentally friendly way!

With the help and co-operation of farmers Anthony and Sandra Herbert, we secured some land on their farm in Whetstone. We employ professional growers to grow fresh and healthy vegetables for people around the area.

In connection with the growers, the membership decides how the scheme is run. We have a wide membership, made up of Supporting members, Investing members, and Crop-Sharing members, who buy our vegetables. Veg shares are picked up weekly from either the farm or delivered where necessary , and members can join us on regular Community days.


Some of the benefits for Crop-sharers are:

Fresh local food;

Community events and activities;

New friendships and community spirit;

A direct connection to the farm, and to the food on your plate.

Of course it’s also better for the environment too:

No chemicals

Fewer food miles

Very little packaging


Would you like to join us? Please get in touch or Complete a Crop-Sharer application form


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