Welcome Message and Goals

Welcome to the Community Education Project!

The goal of this project is to bring people who want to teach together with people who want to learn through community education programs. 

The focus will be to work with existing community and educational groups in a pragmatic way to organize classes that benefit the community.

The project will focus on different concerns of various groups, e.g., young adults and continuing education, after school programs for children at risk etc.

 Community Event: TBA

Classes will encourage intellectual values, aesthetic appreciation, personal awareness, and develop other life skills.

The project will seek to recruit thoughtful and enthusiastic teachers from the community and provide training in effective community based pedagogy.

The structure of the classes may vary from group to group, but a practical framework and model will be provided.

Organizational publicity will be provided through meetup.com, Craig's list, local publications, and through contact with schools.

Free and/or fee based classes can be provided depending upon teacher requirements. 

See Classes Offered: classes

Contact: Tom Lacey (727) 537-9022

Website: http://communityedproject.org