GANXiS is a fast algorithm capable of detecting both disjoint and overlapping communities in social networks (undirected/directed and unweighted/weighted).  GANXiS is a general speaker-listener based information propagation process, which spreads a label at a time between nodes according to interaction rules. One advantage of GANXiS is that it does not require any knowledge about the number of community. The worst-case time complexity is O(m).  It is shown that the algorithm produces meaningful results on real-world social and gene networks.

GANXiSw v3.0.2 (download)
  • Changes and new features:
    • One single program for undirected/directed, unweighted/weighted
    • Allow to read node names or ids of any type, numeric or text string.
    • Parameter -Sym to ensure bi-directional edges (or undirected edges).
    • Parameter -seed allows to reproduce results.
    • Parameter -W allows to treat a weighted network as a unweighted network at runtime.
    • Parameter -loopfactor allows to control the running time when decomposing large communities
  •  GANXiS v1.3  (C++, only for undirected and unweighted networks, tested on networks up  to 4 million nodes)
  •  Parallel version is on the way........
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Fast Community Detection in Social Networks.

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