Meet Your Co-Advisors


Kayla Reeves is a sophmore student.  Kayla is very involved with the Parker community.  In addition to being an active member of the Community Congress for the past three years, she is also one of the leaders for Parker's "Café Wednesday."  Kayla runs cross country and plays softball for Parker.

Kyle Reeves is entering his senior year of highschool.  Kyle has been involved with the CC for the past three years, working on revisions to Parker's Constitution.   Kyle has run cross country and track for Parker for the past five years and competed on Parker's math team for four.  Kyle's senior project this year will focus on the Peace Corps and China.

Amanda Griffin is currently a junior at Parker.  This is Amanda's first year on the Community Congress.  Amanda is an avid ski racer and enjoys the outdoors. Amanda is also involved with Youth Venture.

(From left to right: Kayla, Kyle, and Amanda)