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In addition to the co-advisors, there are a few other roles that keep the CC on track. 

David Terassi as Clerk.



Matt Harvey as Archivist.


Shelby Hickox and Craig Rossi as Public Relations representatives.



GREEN COMMITTEE: The Green Committee is a group of roughly 5 students spanning all divisions, who are dedicated to making Parker a more environmentally conscious place.

They have set the following goals for this year:

  • Consider ways making Parker more energy efficient (and to sustain this efficientcy).
  • Create awareness of paper usage (i.e. printing things that you don't need to print, the importance of double-siding)


SPIRIT COMMITTEE (Spirit-Spirit): The committee that is affectionately known as "spirit-spirit" is comprised of about 10 students from Division One and Division Two.   Each week they work to make Parker a more spirited place!

They have set the following goals for this year:

  • Get a mascot suit.
  • Increase community involvement.
  • Raise attendence at sporting events.
  • Make Wednesday Morning Gathering more fun.

To help achieve their last goal, they have formed a sub-committee called Morning Gathering Committee.   They have developed "The World Series of Pop Cultures" between advisories.  As we enter 2007, they are looking to get their plan off the ground and recieve the fruits of their labor.


SPIRIT COMMITTEE (Spirit-Dance): The Dance Committee is a group of Division One and Two students, with help from an experienced Division Three student.   The Spirit-Dance committee is responsible for the planning and execution of dances.

They have set the following goals for this year:

  • Plan holiday dances.
  • Have two "big" dances this year.
  • Make dances FUN!!


STAF COMMITTEE: The STAF Committee (STAF = Student Teacher Activity Fund) is responsible for approving STAF grants and raising money to sustain the fund.  The vending machine is the main source of income for the STAF fund.  School dances also help the fund STAF grants.  


They have set the following goals for this year:

  • Fix vending machines
  • Brainstorm new methods of income
  • Make STAF more accessible!


LUNCH COMMITTEE: The lunch committee was formed to increase communication between the Parker community and the lunch staff. This year they have successfully educated the Parker community on pizza prices, distributed a school wide lunch survey, and hopefully changed the Parker community's lunch experience. Now they are eagerly awaiting lunch comments and feedback from the feedback box in the lobby.


Members: Ivy Maiorino, Ben Gill, and Sophia Gonzalez.