The Adventures of the Motleys - a writing challenge for Kids

Kids, kids, kids - a writing challenge just for you
Want to be a Story Writer?

If you are in kindergarten to grade 7, here is your chance to add to our story.

Read the opening chapter and send in what you think the next chapter should be. 

Limit your submissions to 250 words.

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The Adventures of the Motleys

People always thought it was strange how the members of their group had found       each other and had a connection that kept them together.  They were the most           unlikely bunch you’d think could be friends.  It’d been a sunny day                           during summer vacation from school that they’d linked up.

There was Theo, the “scholarly one” who liked math, science and reading.

As a child, his dad had a favourite teddy bear and when Theo had been born, he

wanted to name him Teddy, but his mom insisted it be more dignified, so it was         changed to Theodore (although his dad still called him Teddy at home).

Then you have Sacha – her mom said her name meant “Princess Warrior”, a

“defender of human-kind”.  Sacha was always there to stand up for her friends,

to help them feel strong.

Next was Harry – not Harold, but just plain Harry.  He was probably the most

adventuresome of the group – always coming up with new ideas of things they

could do.

Pet, as her friends called her, was a friend of Sacha, so she got to hang with

them, even though she was quite shy, but she loved the idea of being included.

Her mom made the best chocolate chip cookies and her friends always liked to

meet at her house.  Her full name was Petunia, but she was a bit embarrassed by

that, so she went by Pet.  Why, of why, did her mom have to like petunias so


Lastly, there was Ben – he was such a joker, and he was always teasing his

friends that he was only “one of them” because of Skip, his dog.

That might have been partly right, cause Skip was as much a part of their group

as any of them – his wagging tail and wet licks always showed how much he 

enjoyed seeing them and more often he brought a smile to their faces with his

tricks and never-ending cheery nature!  And, Skip was always up for an


It had been Pet’s mom who had called them “a motley crew of friends” one day

when they were at her house having some home baked cookies (the famous

chocolate chip ones) and lemonade that her mom suggested they have.  “Motley”

was a word none of them had ever heard and when Theo checked it out, he 

reported that it meant “exhibiting great diversity of elements” or “being of 

different colours combined” – well, if that didn’t just describe them perfectly!

After that, they called themselves “The Motleys”.


Chapter 2

A Class Field Trip

Chapter 2 – by Reed M. – grade 5

It was a beautiful spring day when the Motleys’ teacher, Mr. Joebells, decided to take the class on a field trip. Field trips were common in Mr. J’s class because he loved the outdoors.

Mr. J divided the class into groups. A few minutes later, the five* Motleys found themselves running from checkpoint to checkpoint on what they considered to be the best treasure hunt ever!

Suddenly, Harry noticed that their map was missing.

“Guys!  Where’s the map?”

“I must have left it at one of the checkpoints,” said Sacha.

Without a word, the friends set off in the opposite direction in search of the map. Five minutes later, no map, but no panic.

“Why don’t we listen and go toward the road,” suggested Pet.

“Great idea!”

They heard grosbeaks and finches and birds they didn’t recognize, but no cars.

Suddenly they heard an unexpected crashing that seemed to be coming toward them. Now they were nervous.

“Where do ghosts go when they want to surf?”

“It’s no time for jokes, Ben,” said Sacha.

“I know, just trying to keep my spirits up.”

Just then, out of the bushes came…


“Dogs always know where they’re most needed,” Theo reminded his friends.

They followed Skip, and just when they started to hear the road again, they found a treehouse. Down from the treehouse came a blue and yellow dinosaur named Blue.

Immediately they took Blue in as, yet another, one of their crew.

*Sadly, not Skip.


Chapter 3

Blue Goes Visiting

Chapter 3 – by Payton – grade 6

Blue knew the place well and since he was one of their friends, he showed them the way.  But little did they know he was taking them the long way back.

Blue couldn't speak English, but he knew exactly what they were saying.  They didn't know exactly how far they went off trail until an hour later they got back.  It shouldn’t have taken that long though Blue had wanted it to be a long walk.

 “Where were you guys?” Mr. J said. “And who's this?” He added.

 “This is Blue.” Pet said.

 “We lost our map and got lost, so we all split up to look for it and we found Blue and a treehouse.” Ben added.

 “Bark!” Skip agreed.

 “He is our new friend,” Sacha said proudly.

 “Okay, I guess he can come too,” Mr. J said, “But only if we have room on the bus.”

 “Yay!” They all said.

After a while they went home. Of course they brought Blue too.

 The Motleys all decided to take turns having a sleepover with Blue.  The first night, Pet took him and painted his nails blue, like his name.  The second night Harry took him and taught him things about his world.  Then Sacha took him, and taught him how to be a warrior.  Ben and Skip took him next and played ball.  Then last but not least, Theo took him, played video games with him and taught him how to play Call of Duty.

Now you write the next chapter

     --  an adventure for the Motleys to have.

-  Limit your submissions to 250 words.