The Bow-Horne-Bay Community Club is committed to helping our community. 

We award two scholarships of $750 to high school students from the Bow-Horne-Bay community annually.

Eligibility as follows:

Must have a record of volunteer work within the community and full-time undergraduate study at an accredited post-secondary institution.
Applicants must show evidence of:

1.  Good academic achievement
2.  Outstanding involvement in school and community activities, especially in the way of volunteer work within the community
3.  Preference will be given to students living in the Bow-Horne-Bay area, but this may be waived at the discretion of the
     Kwalikum Secondary School Scholarship Committee.
Every applicant must include:
1.  A fully completed and signed Kwalikum Secondary School  Scholarship application form.
2.  A letter outlining their academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, community activities, educational and career plans, and any           other information explaining why they feel they are a qualified candidate for this scholarship.
3.  A scholarship resume outlining their achievements and activities throughout grades 11 & 12.

Addressed to: KSS Scholarship Committee
– the application form is available in the KSS Counselling Centre as of March 1

The recipient will be selected by the Kwalikum Secondary School  Scholarship Committee.
Upon registration at a post-secondary institution, the recipient will be required to provide proof of registration to the Bow-Horne-Bay Club and funds will be transferred to the post-secondary institution in the recipient’s name.
They have two years to claim the funds upon graduation.

      2020 Winners were:       Eve Halverson & Rachel McDonald

      2019 Winners were:       Faith Scoffings & Hannah Worthen
      2018 Winners were:       Ashley Holland & Alex Hunter

      2017 Winners were:       Julie Bachmann & Mikaela Knutson     

      2016 Winners were:       Lily Chycoski & Elaine Lindstrom

      2015 Winners were:       Jacinto Bevilacqua 

      2014 Winners were:       Bo Chung and Brayden Osborn
      2013 Winners were:       Willem Kuun and Tiana Michaels

      2008 Winners were:       Cheryl Andersen and Josh Ewing (Colp)

Lighthouse Community Centre in the Heart of Qualicum Bay