Joining the Bow-Horne-Bay Community Club puts you in touch with a great network of volunteers in the community.
The Club supports the concept of each person contributing to the best of their abilities.  Membership is primarily an enjoyable way of contributing to the community while meeting, networking and inevitably building friendships with like-minded community members.
Attending meetings is encouraged but not mandatory.  Membership commitment ranges from planning and working on all the various projects to just the one day on the one project of your choice.  Tell us your strengths, abilities and time constraints and we will endeavour to find a fit for you. 

Our AGM is in February each year.  Positions up for election ..

Vice President
4 Directors

We have many areas looking for planners and requiring dedicated organizers.  Take on a project.  Put your personal stamp on it.  Reap the good stuff and camaraderie that comes from working toward a better community.

Membership is $5 per year

call Jo-Anne Harrison at 250-757-2300  or email

Remember we have an up to date facebook page for events and information at 

Download Membership form below...

Jo-Anne Harrison,
Jul 30, 2019, 11:43 PM