The Artists  /   garden address.

The work they create on the tour day, inspired by the garden they are in, will be on sale
by silent auction at the Garden Tour wrap up Strawberry Tea between 3:30 and 5:pm at 
the Lighthouse Community Centre on the afternoon of the tour.   

D.F. Gray   /  5049 Seaview Drive
Pastels of Life...D.F. Gray, impressionist pastels from the East Coast of Canadas West Coast.  Always from life,  Pose for Dan in the garden and become part of his  '2010 figures from life in 2010'.  
- Dan's works represented Qualicum Beach at the Winter Olympics,
- featured artist at Milner Gardens 2009.
Cindy Mawle - Contemporary West Coast Artist. CA  /  5041 Seaview Drive
Cindy's subjects may vary but the common thread of her own personal style weaves itself from one canvas to another.  Cindy is a self taught artist who has been painting for over 25 years.   Recently Cindy took on a personal challenge , "100 paintings in 100 days" which was extremely successful for her own personal growth, her website and weekly blog.  Cindy paints "more than full time" out of her home studio in Bowser and is a resident artist at The Old School House Gallery in Qualicum Beach.

Denise MacDonald  FCA  /  4993 Thompson Clark W
Member of The Federation Of Canadian Artists,a resident artist in studio "9" at The Old School House In Qualicum Beach & a member of OCAC & DeCosmos in Parksville BC.
"I am fascinated by mood & light in a painting & how you capture the viewers eye with color & emotion.I like to use my different  photographs as ideas only and a starting point for my next painting adventure.  Working exclusively in acrylics & water based oils, Denise switches back & forth between the two mediums as the need to explore another idea comes up.


Susan Schaefer FCA  /  163 Lambert Lane
Professional artist working mainly in watercolour and acrylic paints, enjoying both equally. Her work is often described as vibrant in colour and texture. Susan likes to work with pure colour using an impasto technique when working with acrylics. A recent prairie transplant, Susan had quickly made her mark on Vancouver Island's art scene by starting a publication called the Island Arts Magazine, a quarterly magazine that showcases west coast artists. Susan finds her inspiration in her surroundings and from her passion to travel.  "From the Prairies to the West Coast and Beyond"  -   aptly describes the diversity of her subject matter.   - member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

 Patrick Brownrigg  /  5058 Longview Road
Patrick paints for pleasure and works in watercolours and ink. Mostly travel sketching and landscape painting.
Patrick comes from an architectural background and was also a finishing carpenter with an interest in maritime subjects.  Workshops and tuition from mainly Island artists over many years have given Patrick an eye for the atmosphere of West coast scenes and the unique building styles of the Islands.

Darlene Zimmerman  FCA  /   238 Sabina Road
Darlene an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists has been painting steady for 18 years. She has exhibited widely, had one woman shows and participated in many juried shows. Darlene has a love of nature, a gentle spirit and a delight in painting which can be seen in her landscapes, wild life and florals, whatever the subject there is always a sense of peace in her paintings. If you have a place or special something that you would liked painted, Darlene is available for commissions.

Jen. D. Popein  /  5041 Seaview Drive
Jen paints in her spare time purely for the enjoyment of it. She works mostly with acrylics, watercolour and ink but also sculpts figures. She is classically trained but has a passion for and an education background in animation and communication design. With this Jen is finding a place for herself on Vancouver Island. Most of her work concentrates on animals, creatures, other aspects of nature and, diametrically opposed, science fiction as well. 
PATRICIA MARIE Spence  FCA  /  4993 Thompson Clark W
Specializing in landscapes, seascapes and portraiture.  Working in oils and acrylics, producing paintings using French dyes on silk and enjoying the magic of the airbrush.  Having recently ended her working career, she has now entered the ‘refreshment years’ of her life where her passion to paint now has free reign.  The artist in her has now stepped forward holding the reins of her life.  "I plan on spending the rest of my life simply enjoying, discovering, expanding and playing with the creative artist within me"


Elena Travanut   FCA  /  5045 Longview Road
Elena  is a prolific, industrious artist whose work has been consistently gaining attention. Originally a native of Italy, she moved to Canada and settled in northern Vancouver Island where she discovered her love for painting. The natural beauty of the west coast inspired Elena's desire to pursue this passion.  Painting has been Elena's life long passion and she hopes her perspective and style is enjoyed by everyone. 

Terri Bowen  B.Ed; MA; Master Graphologist  /  163 Lambert Lane
"To be the agent whose touch changes nature from a wild force to a work of art is inspiration of the highest order."  'Island Idols', Bowen works in several mediums although she is primarily a photographer, painter and multi-media artist. An active volunteer artist for the Brant Wildlife Festival, Terri has painted many murals including a west coast forest scene for the new QB Munchkinland. You can also enjoy her banners hanging at the popular wharf walk in Nanaimo.  


Raymond Knight   /  79 Bald Eagle Crescent 

Living on the Island for the past four years has given me enough inspiration to last a lifetime.  With an awe inspiring natural landscape, great people, and great artists, it is the perfect place for anyone in the pursuit of a life in Art.  I am currently attending Vancouver Island University and am finishing a Bachelor Degree in Jazz music studies and a Bachelor in Fine Arts transfer with thoughts of attending Emily Carr.  I love using all mediums including charcoal, oil paint, ink, and pastel.  Recently I have been drawn more towards oil and chalk pastel, combining my love for the hands-on charcoal, and the rich color of oil paint.  Subject matter is almost everything from life and anything that inspires me. During the winter I tend to focus more on people, and then more on Mother Nature when she comes around.

Dave Davies   /   205 Laurel Crescent

Dave paints mainly in watercolour.  He is a member of the Arrowsmith Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists and DeCosmos Fine Arts Society, and is a resident artist at TOSH.  Dave came to Canada from England in 1973 and retired to Oceanside in 2004.  He also paints in acrylics on oyster shells, with all proceeds being donated to Cambodia.