Entertainment 2019

Entertainment - 2019

This year we are pleased to present  --

The Blackcatz
   Cat & Bill Blackwell play a mix of covers and originals that provide upbeat toe tapping fun.
   From Louis Armstrong to Tom Petty to The X-Ambassadors.
   Music that will appeal to all ages.  When available, they add a "StrayCat" - stand-up bassist Ruth Rae.

Cafe Ole
   With influences from Spain and Latin-America, Cafe Ole is a versatile duo with a repertoire that wields a power to transport audiences.
   Brittany Christina (aka: 'Britt de la Luna') from Vancouver Island, and Oscar Robles Diaz from Mexico, met in 2007 in Mexico City,
   fell in love, and have been collaborating musically ever since.  Singing in Spanish, they accompany their voices with nylon-string guitar,
   and anything from rhythmic handclaps, cajon, claves or bass guitar.  Their unique sound is influenced by a range of genres, including,
   but not limited to, Flamenco, Son, Bossa Nova, Trova, and Son Jarocho.  From intimate venues to large-scale functions, festivals,
   and community celebrations, Cafe Ole has had the pleasure of sharing their music with audiences in Mexico, Canada and Taiwan.
   Together for close to 10 years, they play traditional and modern rhythms from West Africa on traditional instruments, which include:
   4 djembe players (the hourglass shaped hand drums), 3 dun players (drums on their sides with a bell on top), and 2 balafon players
   (wooden keys played with mallets, similar to marimbas).  
   The music is mostly instrumental, and polyrhythmic, in that each instrument is playing something different, with the music
   intertwining to create complex melodies and percussive beats.  This music is written to be played for dancers, and traditionally
   played for all types of occasions.
   Influenced by African master teachers, as well as Jordan Hanson from Victoria, and Monica Hofer from the Comox Valley.  
   Monica has, and continues to be, an inspiration and many other drumming students in this area and the Drumbuds are grateful
   for her teaching.

Fred Penner
   Canadian music icon and renowned family entertainer, but also a songwriter, composer, actor, writer, author, TV host and
   keynote speaker, Fred's signature statement is:  "Never underestimate your ability to make a difference in the life of a child."
   A humanitarian always conscious of the "delicate balance required to create a positive influence that fosters healthy self-esteem
   in the life of a child", his work is infused with a steadfast commitment to communicating with children and families in a clear,
   non-condescending way.  "More than just fun", this multi-talented artist has the wisdom and humility to know that the importance
   and the meaning of what he does can reach deeply into the lives of others.

Gerry Barnum
   Songwriter and recording artist - described as a musician's musician, a seasoned and soulful artist, his music is self described as
   Soulful Roots Original.
   In addition to performing on our Main Stage, Gerry spends time in the Kids' Zone, with a show & tell interactive exploration of
   percussion and string instruments - a sure hit with the kids!

The Jagsters
   Jamie Morgan on vocals & bass, Pete Swann on guitar and vocals and Scott Keller on drums.
   The Jagsters are a light spirited R&B trio that perform a wide variety of nostalgic covers and off the wall originals.
   Appealing, melodic vocals with a strong, solid bass & drums, then add inventive electric and acoustic guitars, tends to bend the
   songs into something completely new!

Rainbow Stew Cloggers
   Celebrating over 20 years, Instructor Sharon Lafferty has been teaching the cloggers since the very first class in Sept. 1995.
   Sharon attended a clogging class and went on to teach her exercise group to clog.
   Originally the group's name was derived from the rainbow shoe laces and a song they danced to called Rainbow Stew, by
   Merle Haggard.
   Although the group consists of more members, only some like to perform, which takes them to various events throughout the year.
   Outfits are based on a theme for each event.
   There's no age limit to join.

Vivian & Steve Ruskin
   This multi-genre duo perform ballads to blues, celtic to contemporary, rockabilly to reggae, jazz to originals and even a dash of Latin.
   Steve is a dynamite piano and keyboard and harmonica player.  He adds harmonies to Viv's strong and versatile lead vocals and
   she adds guitar to the instrumental mix.  As a trio, they are joined by Blaine Dunaway, violinist extraordinaire and Chincello and
   horn player.

Sheena Mcc
Sheena Mcc