Thank you and goodbye

After a long history of service to London small businesses it’s time for us to say goodbye.

We’d like to thank all our clients, partners and funders for the trust they placed in our judgment and professional abilities as well as the knowledge and experience we gained in the course of our relationship with them; it’s been a wonderful ride, formative and exciting.

We leave you now with some of the numerous comments people sent us after we announced the cessation of activities, which give an idea of what our assistance meant to them:

With the best of wishes to all - Armando Pardo

I attended a couple of workshops and one support session and can't stress how useful, inclusive, engaging and friendly they were. For someone with little experience of the world of finance and accounting, they provided a great insight and I felt very supportive throughout. I feel there is a serious lack of knowledge and understanding of these processes in my sector (the arts) and that your service was very valuable. S. Shalmy

It is very re-assuring to be able to approach any business advisor knowing that integrity rules!  Also that the information you give feels professional and well resourced.  Even knowing that you are there to pass on the relevant knowledge has been helpful even if we haven't actually asked for it.  The information you have given us -unbiased and realistic - has been very useful. J. Scott

Thank you so much for all you have done for me and the local people of Islington. You have served us with love and integrity. I can't imagine how I could have reached this level of readiness or achieved this much without your calm, gentle help, experience and confidence in me. Moreover I suspect you have been an impressive model for humane business practice for a long time to come. M. Boyd

Networking at an ACBBA workshop

Very sorry to hear this! You have been a wealth of information and always so responsive and willing to help and I know the parents I have referred to you have always really appreciated the support. You and your skills and expertise will be sorely missed! All the very best for the future, A. Hiley

I am sorry to see your organisation go, as it provided me and other independent professionals with extremely valuable advice and expert support rarely found in London. I have learnt lots from you and the colleagues you congregated during seminars and workshops and I am especially indebted to you for your help with financial questions of my organisation. G. Salgado

I'm sad to hear that ACBBA will be closing. I found the seminars I attended so unbelievably helpful during my venture into self employment and I'm so grateful to Brid Burke for referring me to your services. E. Taylor

So sad that the ACBBA IS CLOSING. Thank you so very much for all the help that you have given me over the past few years. I’m at this stage because of your help. T. Thomas

I have had the privilege of knowing you over decades and saw first-hand how hard you worked to make ACBBA a success. Your tireless efforts to train me and other business advisers have directly contributed to successful community projects and therefore enriched the lives of many who need support the most. M. Hamitouche

Since I knew you when I was a trainee to become a community adviser I had no doubt that you were a person of integrity, who would do your best to support our community. You and ACBBA have done a lot to support me and my community in business advice and we are very grateful to you. Y. Tadesse

I'm so sorry to read this. I really think you make things easier for people who try to develop a business.. I. Ros