The Community Action Collective is based in Hythe, Hampshire, UK and is a dedicated group of individuals working together to bring CHAOS to the Hythe Community:

Cooperation     Harmony     Accessibility     Opportunity     Success

The Community Action Collective was founded by Uncle Squishy but, as it is based on anarchic principles, there is no leadership structure. Despite this Uncle Squishy often acts as a central point of contact and as a figurehead for the Collective due to his high standing within the Community of Hythe.

2 November 2011 Amazing News - Uncle Squishy invited to speak at the Green Impact Awards Lunch/Ceremony at the Southampton Solent University
Uncle Squishy: "This really is a great honour. The Community Action Collective takes green issues very seriously, recycling, electricity wastage (like street lights on all the time), dirty waste being dumped all over the place etc. I am totally looking forward to giving my speech at that thing."
3 November 2001 Update - Uncle Squishy no longer invited to the Green Impact Awards Lunch/Ceremony at the Southampton Solent University
Uncle Squishy: "This is spirit crushing disappointment of the highest order."

Community Action News

28 June 2011

An Amazing Day At The Armed Forces Show

On Saturday 25 June 2011 I attended the Armed Forces Day at Gang Warily in Fawley! Follow the link to find out more:

21 June 2011

Anarchy Dog; Riots; Economic Woes!

There is a video on the BBC news website about a dog who helps fight against the oppression of the people during riots. Totally in amongst all the action giving enforced authority the bark-down. This is in Greece too which is where Shellby, Shellby Green, and myself were on holiday recently. Video is here:

Recently there has been quite a lot of rioting in Greece. Economic problems have forced the Greek government to put in place tough austerity measures in order to get help from other EU countries and the IMF. People are angry because the tough measures will affect their standard of living. Greece may default on existing loans and may even drop out of the single currency; this could put the whole single currency at risk, and what would happen to Greece, would they go back to the drachma and what would it be worth? What about other countries also facing serious economic woes, such as Ireland and Portugal? These are testing times for Europe and the single currency. There are many problems ahead that will be difficult to solve. With more and more power becoming centralised within big European institutions I think people feel frustrated and that they cannot make a difference and that their lives are governed from afar by faceless and unaccountable politicians. I am a bit disappointed by the whole European Union project, I hoped it would bring the people of Europe together but it hasn't really worked out, we just got big organisations telling people what to do and it costs a lot of money to run these organisations too. I hope people will come together for themselves, to help each other and realise that these bureaucratic behemoths aren't necessary at all! Like Anarchy Dog we must keep fighting down enforced authority and never give up!

15 May 2011

Updates Soon: Uncle Squishy Speaks

I have been busy with different projects and such; also I went on the holiday of a lifetime to Greece (it rained but it was still good. Shellby and Shellby Green came too).

26 April 2011

Further Successes For the Community Action Collective: Benches Are Now Sort Of Fixed

There will be some pictures in a bit, however, good news; the benches are now fixed, not a fantastic job, but OK. Now citizens of Hythe can enjoy the benches in relative safety!

4 April 2011

Hythe Police Deliver Crushing Hammer-Blow To Shonky Traders

The shonky used car traders of the service road off Southampton Road in Hythe were given a much needed reminder that the roads of Hythe are not there to act as a forecourt for them to hawk their dodgy motors from. This morning a number of the cars for sale had Police Aware stickers on them. Uncle Squishy said: “This is great news. I hope this will send a message to these dealers that it isn’t appropriate for them to be conducting business from the roads of Hythe. If you want to set up a used car business then buy some premises and sell your cars from there. Well done Hythe Police!”

2 April 2011

Cries Of Anguish As Hopes Of Repaired Benches Suffer Terrifying Setback

Friday 1 April 2011: Uncle Squishy rushed to the scene after a distraught phone call from Shellby and his brother Shellby Green regarding the current state of the benches on the mini sea front promenade in Hythe (near the Waitrose car park). These benches had been due for repair thanks to tireless lobbying by the Community Action Collective along with assistance from Hythe and District Parish Council. Take a look at the two reports on FixMyStreet:

Shellby said “We thought we would scope out the benches to see if they had been fixed yet and if they had we were going to have a mini sit down as the weather had improved a bit,” Shellby Green added “There was a chilly wind though.”

Previously one of the benches that had dangerous rusty spikes where a wooden slat had been ripped away was made partially safe by the removal of the spikes. The second bench had been taped off apparently in preparation for repair. Shellby Green said “I wasn’t sure if they would have been totally fixed yet, but we were hoping there would have been some improvement.” Sadly, however, all hopes of having a mini seat were destroyed by the horrific sight that met their eyes:

"Repaired" Bench

Very Dangerous Bolt-like Contraption
Split Slat Ready To Give Way and Injure An Unwary Victim

Uncle Squishy said “On reaching the scene, both Shellby and Shellby Green were very upset, and rightly so. This bench has been left in a horrific state. Who in their right mind would call this a repair? It is worse than it was before when there weren’t even any slats to sit on. The slat at the back is split, any weight put on it will cause it to snap completely causing a potentially lethal injury, there are dangerous splinters and a VERY dangerous bolt that doesn’t seem to serve any purpose other than to act as a trap for the unwary. This isn’t a bench, it is an assault on the people of Hythe.”

Saturday 2 April 2011: Returning to the scene to carry out further investigative work Shellby and Squishy noticed that the split slat had been removed by persons unknown, nothing else appeared to have changed. The next bench that once had the rusty spikes now had a sign up to say ‘wet paint’ and it was roped off, but the missing slat had not been replaced.

Third Slat Now Missing, Where Did It Go?
Heroic Shellby Risks A Serious Fall Whilst Investigating The Missing Slat

Uncle Squishy stated: “Rest assured I shall focus my efforts to see that this outrage is remedied.”

31 March 2011

Staggering Partial Success In The War Against The Oppression Of Pedestrians

Tireless lobbying by the Community Action Collective has resulted in the dropped kerb (as detailed below) being unblocked for pedestrians. It remains to be seen how long it will be until the pavement is blocked again, it is hoped that the requested double-yellow lines will soon be put in place by Hampshire County Council. The car for sale that had been blocking the pavement has now moved further along the service road, it was parked overnight illegally facing against the direction of travel (Highway Code Rule 248), however, at least pedestrians are able to make use of the pavement again. Uncle Squishy said "This is just one small but important step in the road to victory."


30 March 2011

Terror As Disabled People's Rights Are Beaten Back By Shonky Used Car Traders

There has been a dramatic and sustained blocking of access for disabled people, those with pushchairs, and also it is making crossing the busy service road off Southampton Road in Hythe (with the Shell petrol station) tricky even for able-bodied people. Uncle Squishy along with other members of the Collective have been trying to resolve problems with shonky used car traders that have claimed the service road as a dodgy car selling emporium. Uncle Squishy first reported the issue, using FixMyStreet, to the Council back in September of last year and has been keeping this initial report updated with pictures and observations:

Recently, however, there has been a dangerous upsurge in blocking of pedestrian access to the dropped kerb as shown in the photograph below:

The problem with shonky traders is now totally out of control on this short stretch of road with as many as 9 vehicles for sale at a time, often in breach of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, denying parking space for law abiding citizens of Hythe. Uncle Squishy contacted Hampshire County Council requesting that double-yellow lines be put in place to protect the rights of pedestrians: no response. Uncle Squishy also contacted the police who said something about issuing a fixed penalty notice if it was "proportionate"; this hasn't happend so, presumably, it is not considered proportionate. Well Squishy McSquish demands action be taken, as he says "People are being totally blocked down, disabled people can't use this dropped kerb which leads on from a designed crossing point, why aren't their rights being protected?  If it isn't proportionate to issue a ticket under these circumstances then the bar of proportionality is set too high." It would be very troubling if the rights of disabled and indeed all law abiding people to make use of pavements, were held in less regard than the "rights" of dodgy car sellers to block pavements and flout laws.

11 March 2011

Fact-finding Mission To Brighton and Hove (Part 2)

A Report By Uncle Squishy

There are some photographs of my visit here:

I learnt a fearsome lot during my short visit. I am hoping to return again soon as I very much enjoyed the bohemian atmosphere of the place, and there is still much more for me to learn. I will try to put some of my new found knowledge into practice to benefit the people of Hythe!

9 March 2011

Fact-finding Mission To Brighton and Hove (Part 1)

A Report By Uncle Squishy

So I am in the Brighton and Hove area finding out some things. With help from some of my contacts I have been working on some Community Schemes to keep the kids away from drugs and such and also to encourage them to work hard in school. If your mind is all dumbed down with drugs and you don't study, how can you be ready for revolution?! Every young person, in fact everyone, needs to have a razor sharp critical mind, like your Uncle Squishy, or they can be easily oppressed down by enforced authorities. 

When I was at school if you tried to be clever and learn stuff all your crew would be saying how you weren't resisting authority because you were doing your homework and learning things; but the true revolutionary learns as much as possible. The more knowledge you have the less you can be fooled. When teachers try to tell you what to do and they give some phoney reason to do it, if you don't have any knowledge all you can do is refuse their orders, but they can handle that, you will just get told off, put on detention, and they win, however, if you can say why you aren't going to do what they say and give a sound reason why not, they don't know what to do. This is true of all resistance to enforced authority. Even if you aren't at school any more and are at work dealing with enforced management, or outside of work dealing with some other oppressor, the more you know, the easier you can destroy their authority over you. Let me tell you... if you shout and get all abusive and such, then they can always handle that with greater force than you have available and you end up looking like a fool, even if you are in the right, you get sacked or arrested or something. If you have knowledge and reasoning as to why you aren't doing what has been ordered, then YOU have won. Even if the authority gets all angry at you and punishes you, in fact especially if they do, you have beaten them. This won't destroy the authority in one go but it will be damaged. Each successive win due to knowledge and reasoning weakens the enforced authority and loosens their hold on power. Even those voluntarily subservient to the authority will begin to realise the authority is flawed, and will start to question their loyalty. Without subservience, enforced authority cannot exist! That is why both children and adults must study hard and keep studying, never stop, and don't smoke crack or anything because you'll damage your brain and waste your time and money.