In The News

7/29/2014 - Essential Pittsburgh radio appearance for Joylette, discussing EPA's Clean Power Plan in advance of the public hearing here in Pittsburgh July 30 and 31.

6/30/2014 - Joylette makes an Essential Pittsburgh radio appearance, this time discussing solar power, in conjunction with the National Solar Day of Action, and the release of Episode 19: Solar Powers!

5/16/2014 - The Allegheny Front, "Conference to Explore Climate Health Impacts in PA," covers both the Watt Chop video and the May 19 climate and public health conference Joylette helped organize as part of the Allegheny County Board of Health.

4/22/2014 - Joylette on Essential Pittsburgh, talking about the Earth Day Party and the Watt Chop music video

4/18/2014 - Press release #2 about the 4/24/2014 party and video release, announcing some of our guests and the Watt Chop video.

4/1/2014 - Press release announcing 4/24/2014 virtual Earth Day party and video release.

12/6/2013 - Climate, Joylette a featured contributor to "Lessons from the field: Takeaways from 2013 and the challenges that lie ahead."

9/20/2013 - The Allegheny Front, "Community Ambassadors Promote Green Changes."

9/11/2013 - National Center for Science Education interview with Joylette "Do Something About Climate: videos for action."

7/8/2013 - Joylette participated in Essential Pittsburgh show (on WESA, Pittsburgh's NPR station) about UN report on climate extremes.

6/7/2013 - guest blog post at Mom's Clean Air Force, Don’t Just Sit There – Do Something About Climate Change

4/25/2013 - Essential Pittsburgh interview with Joylette about the video series

3/13/2013, 4-6PM, Pittsburgh, PA, Carlow University - Joylette gave the Women's History Month Lecture about climate change, the need for action, and ways we can all help.(Flyer) (Press Release)

3/2013 -, featured member (login required)

3/5/2013 -, featured resource, "Don't Just Sit There - Do Something!"

2/6/2013 - Pop City, article by Elaine Labalme about Joylette and Don't Just Sit There - Do Something! - "Ones to Watch: Four Under Forty."

8/17/2012 - Thisness of a That, blog post by Gillian King - "Superhero Costumes Optional."

7/18/2012 - Climatemama, interview with Harriet Shugarman - "Climate Mama: Joylette Portlock."

1/27/2011 - Pittsburgh 360 video clip about the Citizens Climate Corps' efforts to start composting in schools.

4/14/2010 - Press Release: Citizens Climate Corps Inspires First PA Composting Program for School District 

5/6/2010 - The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports on how the Citizens Climate Corps helped bring composting to the Quaker Valley school District.