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French with Plymouth University.  This section presents French language teaching materials for you to use at university.  For example, please click on STUDY-BANDS in the menu bar to find iPhone resources to revise grammar points off-line.  French Culture and Society (LCS) study materials and lectures are over in patrimoine.

For FREX02 Students, please follow these steps in November: 
Step 1. To make the best use of these university French resources open a free Google+ Account with your main personal email account here or simply sign-in if you already have a G+ Account:
Step 2. Your first In-Class Test will include a Guided Writing exercise.  You can see a mock example of this in Google Docs, here.  Take a copy and then share it with your lecturer or French pen-pal to help you improve your written production https://goo.gl/w6VxPl

http://www.linguee.com/english-frenchPlease try using Linguee for whole phrase translations

You can view the videos in the playlist called: The Paris Project: FREX02 by clicking the image below.  Remember to subscribe to the channel when you are in YouTube so that you are updated when new videos are added:
Paris Project
SB has made some activities on Zondle.com just use class code 39191-96884 (hyphen included!)

Once you have a G+ Account you can join our French with Plymouth community by clicking on the image below:


The link to the Paris Project Guided Writing full document on Google Drive is back in the DLE Moodle if you are an enrolled student.  A simplified version, without the staff email addresses, is here for quick reference: http://goo.gl/jbOcTg
and the Google Slides are here 

The Paris Project

You will also need to download a copy of the Study Band on docenting, that is, how to present works of art in the gallery or museum, please follow link here: DEVENIR DOCENT


YouTube Capture details and link to phone App is at https://www.youtube.com/capture

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Remember LCS students can find their lectures on French Culture here

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