Stonefields School Update July, 2010

Community Update 2 

Hello friends and families of Stonefields School.  Progress continues to be moving along nicely.  From all accounts the buildings are on track even with the considerable rain we have experienced during the past few weeks.  It is great to visit the site now and be able to step inside the learning spaces and gain a sense of how big they are.

School Brand and Logo

It is with much pleasure that we share the Stonefields School brand with you in this Community Update.  The quarry wall situates the school in the Stonefields Community and the basalt rocks represent the four key aspects of the learner we believe are essential in developing a curious, knowledgeable, connected, contributing and inquiring individual. The colours have been chosen with much consideration with Jasmax the Architechs which will be incorporated both externally and internally within the school design.


School Uniform

Prototypes of the School uniform garments have been designed.  The basic uniform designed to date is:

  • Unisex polo (Amethyst blue)
  • Skort for girls (Charcoal)
  • bootleg for girls (Charcoal)
  • Short for boys (Charcoal)
  • Trouser for boys (Charcoal)
  • Unisex Fleece Jacket (Amethyst blue)
  • Wide brim hat
  • Black shoes or sandals with a strap

Argyl will be the manufacturers of our uniform and it will be sold through The Uniform Shop, 555 Remuera Rd.  They are setting up a loyalty programme for Stonefields School customers.  Further information is available in our Enrolment Packs.

We are hoping to have photographs of the School uniform ready for the website in the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to contribute to the design of the sports uniform please call the office and put your name forward to help in the decision making.

Meet our Associate Principals

In the previous update we introduced our two Associate Principals.  Kirsty and Chris officially start 19 July.  Our initial focus is to further develop and unpack what learning will look like at Stonefields School in the foundation curriculum areas of Literacy and Numeracy.

Making Contact

We can be contacted by phone on 527 7721 or you can email inquiries to 

Sarah can be emailed directly on

Enrolment Packs

If you require an enrolment pack please just email us or call the School Office and we will post one out to you.  We will be conducting an enrolment interview with all families enrolling to understand how we can best meet your child’s needs.  We are keen to gather your parental historic overview of your child’s strengths and character traits.

Construction Updates

Construction updates can be viewed on the School websites Galleries or Construction Updates under School Design. 

The landscape designs are very special.  Much care has been taken by the landscape architect to ensure the environment builds on learning opportunities and is a great place for our learners to let off energy.

Boulders are being placed to show the geographical formation of the local volcanoes.  These will be situated within the central courtyard and create seating and objects for students to climb.

Playground Fundraising

The fundraising is well underway to raise funds for a School Playground.  If you would like to get involved in this project please get in touch with Diane Harrison on 570 4242.  We are hoping to raise $50,000 before the start of the 2011 school year.

Community Consultation

Our first Community Consultation meeting is planned for 26 August at 6.00pm, it will be held at the Auckland AMI Netball Stadium, 7 Allison Ferguson Drive in the Community Room (far end of the main building)

This will be your opportunity to hear about the initial school vision, direction and beliefs.  There will be an opportunity for you to share your aspirations for the school and further contribute to the schools vision.

Learning Quotes to inspire

A recent book I read titled A New Kind of Smart by Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas had some thought provoking quotes.  I hope you enjoy.

Educations Mission should be to enable everyone, without exception to develop all their talents to the full and to realise their creative potential, including responsibility for their own lives and achievement of their personal aims.

Every young person needs to be equipped to seize opportunities throughout life to broaden his or her knowledge, skills and attitudes, and to be able to adapt to a changing, complex and interconnected world.

Intelligence is the habit of persistently trying to understand things and make them function better.  Intelligence is working to figure things out, varying strategies until a workable solution is found … one’s intelligence is the sum of one’s habits of mind.  Lauren Resnick

Kindest regards

Sarah Martin