Search Strategies

Use the following search strategies to make your searches most effective:

  • Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Truncation [e.g. organization*]
  • Phrasing [e.g. “interpersonal relationships”]
  • Nesting [e.g. deception and (“interpersonal relationships” or “man-woman relationships”)]

You should have success in locating articles related to your theory by conducting searches for the name of the theory or the theorist who developed the theory. If the theory you are investigating is interpersonal deception theory, you could try the following searches:

  • “interpersonal deception theory”
  • deception AND Burgoon

You may also want to try searching for the theory in a particular context such as interpersonal relationships, organizational communication, etc. Some possible methods of searching for a theory within a context include:

  • deception AND “interpersonal relationships”
  • deception AND “man-woman relationships”
  • deception AND marriage
  • deception AND organization*
  • deception AND “superior-subordinate relationships”
  • deception AND “leader-member”