Traits & Characteristics

The assignments in this course require academic/scholarly articles. One way to ensure you are locating these articles is to limit your search to academic, peer-reviewed, or scholarly articles in the database you are searching. While this can be very effective, you will also want to make sure that some or most of the following elements of academic articles are present in the articles you select for this assignment:

  • Author affiliation
  • Abstract
  • Literature review
  • Research questions and/or hypotheses
  • Methodology (e.g. experiment, focus groups, interviews)
  • Results
  • Analysis
  • Discussion
  • Suggestions for future research
  • References

For additional help with determining academic articles, see this video:

Scholarly vs. popular periodicals tutorial
This brief video discusses the differences between scholarly and popular periodicals by examining their typical contents. This video is particularly helpful for identifying scholarly articles online.