Common Swifts

Apus apus

The Common Swift is a remarkable species of bird. If you simply look at a picture of a Common Swift you can be easily forgiven for believing this to be a rather innocuous, if not downright dull looking bird. But such first impressions would be wrong. A Common Swift, in action, in airborne flight, is a very different creature. A Common Swift in flight is a true master of the skies. Swifts dive and whirl, eddy and swirl, and loop and circle around the skies with apparent ease. They are almost cocky in the confidence in which they master the skies. The Common Swift is a avian aviator extraordinaire.


Common Swift, Physical description.

Lifestyle of the Common Swift



Learning More

This webpage is based on work conducted by myself on the Common Swift. I had access to a nesting colony of swifts where I could examine swifts at close quarters. More information is provided in my book.

Walker, Mark David. Swift Summers. An account on a year spent with the swifts.