About Common Sense Democracy

About the Common Sense Democracy Foundation

The Common Sense Democracy Foundation is a group of citizens who are dedicated to the notion that logic and common sense should guide government and that community leaders and legislators should be receptive to the voice of their constituents. This group was formed in the spring of 2011 as a result of the radical education overhaul commonly known as the Students Come First or Luna Laws. The members of Common Sense are folks who, being concerned with this legislation, wrote letters to their local representatives, attended community town hall meetings, signed petitions, testified before the state legislature, yet found themselves ignored. The Students First legislation generated a firestorm of criticism from the moment it was introduced, yet legislators passed all three bills with healthy majorities. When the public was allowed input at the Idaho Legislature, one couldn’t help but notice that for every supporter of the Luna Laws there were six to ten Idahoans who were against them, but their voices were ignored. The two times the Idaho State Board of Education solicited input from the public on its mandate that all students take online courses, the overwhelming majority of comments were against it, but this was also ignored.

The Common Sense Democracy Foundation exists because common sense and the voice of the public are not being heeded by Idaho’s current political establishment. Since the corporate sponsors of the Luna Bills are spending money and energy to form groups to sell their education reform to the citizens of Idaho, we formed our group to help fight this radical, unnecessary, ill-conceived, and detrimental change to our education system that is being forced upon our state by lobbied interests who have a powerful presence in our statehouse and our state department of education; interests who are fundamentally concerned with profiting at the taxpayer expense and are not concerned about Idaho’s children and future.

The Common Sense Democracy Foundation began as a watchdog group but we are also a rallying point for anyone who is against the Luna Laws and would like to keep Idaho education public and of the highest quality. We are parents, citizens, teachers, professors, and business people. We are the people of Idaho. We have no corporate sponsors, no paid employees or lobbyists, and no budget. We promote the repeal of the Luna Laws, we promote legislators who are against privatizing our school system, and we promote a dialogue that would lead to true and meaningful education reform. (To read more, please see: Our Mission)