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 What direction is your brand going to take in 2015? 

Tom Urich has been an Independent Contractor/Project Manager and is currently a Social Media Campaign Manager serving Small to Medium-sized Business in Michigan.

 A LOT has happened following my two stints in Germany and Ann Arbor.  I reside primarily in Grand Rapids now and expect to be in that area for the next few years.  I joined the Justin Amash Campaign for U.S. Congress Volunteer Staff this past Summer, and recently served during ArtPrize 2014 as an "inspiring"  Lead Volunteer WayFinder again.  It is important to know that the challenge of maintaining a thoughtful and positive public image is what floats my boat. 
 Information Technology gave me a career break, so I am making positive waves!! 
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Justin Amash for Congress Tom Urich and Peter Ross of WZZM

Here are Links to Archive copies of my Interview on "The German Way":

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I'm still a Patriot.

Tom Urich,
Sep 8, 2014, 7:10 AM