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 What direction are you going to take in 2016? 

Tom Urich has transitioned from being an Independent Contractor/Project Manager and Social Media Campaign Manager.  
 A LOT has happened following my three stints in Germany and Ann Arbor.  I reside primarily in Grand Rapids now and expect to be in that area for the next few years.  I joined the Justin Amash Campaign for U.S. Congress Volunteer Staff this past Summer, and recently served during ArtPrize 2014 as an "inspiring"  Lead Volunteer WayFinder again.  I yucked it up at LaughFest 2015.  I made new Friends (see below mugshot).  I went to Das Vaterland in April and May!! :-)
-> It is important to know that the challenge of maintaining a thoughtful and positive public image is what floats my boat. 
 Information Technology gave me a career break, so I am making positive waves!! 
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Don't We Boys?

Justin Amash for Congress Tom Urich and Peter Ross of WZZM

Here are Links to Archive copies of my Interview on "The German Way":

LaughFest 2015

Inspiring and Connecting

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My Resume is available below.

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I'm still a Patriot.

Tom Urich,
Sep 8, 2014, 7:10 AM